Over the past several years, the artist Allan McCollum has developed The Shapes Project, a system that can produce 31,000,000,000 unique two-dimensional “shapes,” more than enough to create an individual shape for every person on the planet.

For Shapes for Hamilton the artist created a unique shape for each inhabitant of the geo-political entity of the Town of Hamilton, New York -- an extraordinary community-wide collaboration between the artist, the townspeople and the students, staff and faculty of Colgate University. At the conclusion of the project – which included an exhibition of the complete set of the nearly 6000 shapes at Colgate’s Clifford Gallery -- each resident was invited, without obligation, to collect their own shape provided free of charge and signed by the artist.

Support for Shapes for Hamilton came from The Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation, the Department of Art and Art History and the ICPA at Colgate University.