Documentation of the processes, documentation of the exhibit, documentation of the distribution, we want to capture it all. More specifically, Allan is hoping for:

" of the cataloging process, the students in their meetings, the printer in his shop, the gallery undergoing installation, team pictures, all that! It would be so nice, to have tripod-steady images of everybody on site, to use in my 'lectures' later, or if there's ever a magazine article, or a book, or whatever."

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posted Feb 10, 2010, 9:50 AM by Unknown user

I would love to be as much a part of the documentation than anything.  I know that I will be gone most of the time that the exhibit is up, however, I would love to start photographing the beginning stages of organizing and later of the setup of the exhibit in the gallery and even later, the distribution of the shapes themselves. I also remember Alan saying something about maybe putting together a book of the process, and that would be something that I would love to create as well.

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