public relations.

Let's talk about outreach. Who can we go talk to? Who's going to do the talking? Communicate about your involvement with the community of Hamilton here and how the progress is shaping up on getting the word out about the upcoming exhibition and distribution events.


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Another way that would be a great way to get the word out to the Colgate community is through the faculty.  If we could get some enthusiasm from them, having professors tell all their classes about the project would help a great deal with making students aware of what was going to take place.  Are there faculty meetings that we could make a pitch during as well?  I also know that most sororities and fraternities have meetings with all its members about once a week which is another place we could reach students.  Other people that we could talk with are the sports coaches so that they can mention it to their players as well.  I know my coach (the women's soccer coach) would love to tell our team about it and I'm sure she would help spread the word throughout the athletic department after we craft our pitch. 

In "files" area

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I've attached a PDF file that explains the basics of the Shapes Project in general, it's in the "files" area; and also a link to some images of previous ways the Shapes have been used, in other different kinds of projects, previously ... the PDF can be used to help the people you contact understand the system a bit ...
-- Allan McCollum

Ideas and questions from lunch

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  • As Allan suggested, can we articulate an explicit goal or set of goals for Shapes for Hamilton?  What is it that you see the project accomplishing? Please add to my list
    • Community engagement with contemporary art/artist
    • Enhance and create new relationships between Town, Village and University; Citizens, Residents and Students
    • Collaboration: the successful outcome of the project depends on the fullest possible participation of everyone involved
  • Can we come up with a punchy/meaningful slogan/s?  I challenge you, please post

I am planning more advertising around the opening of the exhibition on 3/10
  • Mid-York
  • Maroon News
  • WRVO
  • WRCU TV and Radio (I need help with this, any of you with contacts with these organizations)
  • Colgate Webpage
Local efforts
  • We will produce a new poster for the opening, am open to suggestion for copy, need you all to distribute/post on campus and in Town
  • The Colgate Inn has agreed to help, with the display of posters and on their info screens
  • We need a group to start making face to face visits, for this we need the following:
    • We all need to work on a two or three sentence explanation of the project, we are the first line of ambassadors/educators/facilitators -- talk the project up
    • We need to write a 10 minute informational pitch, I am attaching our press releases to date but also think we could do more research, we need volunteer/s to take this on
    • We have produced an information card that you will have to leave when making visits
    • We need to compile a list of individuals, organizations and venues that we want to reach and their contact info, make appts with COVE and Upstate Institute, we need volunteer/s for this
      • Local Churches
      • Hamilton Business Alliance
      • Rotary
      • Senior Citizen Groups
      • Nursery/Daycare
      • Indoor Farmer's Markets
      • Libraries
      • Reading Groups/Book Clubs
      • Trivia Night
      • Village Board, perhaps one or two key enthusiasts
      • Town Board, perhaps one or two key enthusiasts, Carolyn Todd is very interested fyi
      • The skeptics, what do we tell them?  can we win one or two prominent individuals over to the cause?
      • Others? 
    • Educational Outreach
      • While Monika Burczyk will coordinating the education component at HCS (she will need assistance) I would like to propose we make short classroom visits at HCS, where we explain project to kids and give them cards to take home, invite classes to visit Clifford? We need someone to spearhead this, any of you have connections at HCS?  Lynn Schwarzer a good liaison here
    • Pre-distribution of Shapes to create excitement, fantastic idea, need volunteer/s to push this ahead
      • work out details of early printing and production
      • Who or what groups should get early shapes? think of target groups we want to reach (at Colgate a team or greek letter group, Brothers, etc.)
      • How should we document?
      • How should we disseminate/advertise/utilize?
      • interfaces with Documentation efforts, remember take pictures, make recording, do interviews
  • Other forms of promotion, creation of conversations -- let me know what you think of these, etc?
    • Buttons
    • Stickers
    • T-shirts
    • giveaways at local events (Colgate and HCS games, theater/performances, others?)
    • Tie-ins with local business
      • discount framing
      • show your shape get a discount
      • First 1000 participants get free frame, free _______, discounts at local merchants?

who's who.

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Looks like we've got Bri, Janice and Coco already showing interest in PR and I know of another student, Victoria Cubera, who is interested in helping and already has some ties to the Hamilton Community. When professor Godfrey is back from CAA we'll begin to outline a strategy and, hopefully, have a volunteer to chair the committee.

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