While you are not required to register to receive a Shape we encourage you to do so. By registering, you will be assigned your individual shape during production, enduringly linked to you and you alone.

We already have your name if:
  • You were a registered voter in the Town of Hamilton, NY as of Dec. 31, 2009

  • You are a Colgate student and your directory information is public

If you're not already on our list, you may submit your name or the names of your family members on this form if:
  • You currently reside in the Town of Hamilton, NY (please click on the map below to check the borders of the town)
  • You currently reside just outside the Town of Hamilton, NY
    Through the course of this project, we have come to understand that communities cannot be adequately described by political boundaries alone. If you feel that the Town and Village are the center of your community – your children attend HCS, you work in the Town or Village or at the University – then we invite you to participate in this celebration of art and community, please register for your Shape.

We ask that you please:
  • Fill out your full, legal name including middle initials or full middle name (we also have a field for nicknames to differentiate yourself from others)

  • Give your street address (we will only use this for verification of your residence in the town, nothing will be mailed to you and you will not be contacted)

  • Do not register with an alias

  • Only register for yourself or your family members once (we will weed out duplicates)
If you have questions, if you'd like to check if you are already registered, or to correct a mistake if you feel you submitted your name in error, please contact:

Jesse Henderson or DeWitt Godfrey.

In case you do not see the form right away, please refresh your browser.